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A Little About us

At Rosemary Park Nursing Home we want to remove the anxiousness that is often suffered by patients (and their families) when moving into a care facility for the first time or changing from one care home to being looked after by the team here at Rosemary Park. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals will work with all involved in making the decision to come to Rosemary Park to ensure that the move for your loved one is as smooth and as painless as possible.

We recognise that 'patient care' is much more than two words placed next to each other; they must be part of ethos, form part of the care pathway and be what makes us review what we do day in and day out. We will work with families, local social and care workers plus any other stakeholder who can help us understand what 'works' for the patient coming into our home. By knowing what type of environment, routine and even diet that a patient enjoys we can work to make the transition to Rosemary Park Nursing Home a painless one.

All patients are throughly assessed upon arrival to make certain that our care nurses, medical and specialist teams can build a plan to give each patient the opportunity live their live to the full.

Your Questions, answered

Do you offer clinical care?
Yes we are not a lock up or a 'drugged up' facility. Our clinical team assess each and every patient that comes through our reception. Once that has been completed we will create a unique care pathway for each patient to make certain that the correct medication is used.
How many patients do you have?
Rosemary Park is situated within the Black Down National Park of Surrey. The total number of patients at any one time is 63 within Rosemary Park.
Can you come for a visit?
We would be delighted to show you the facilities. You might be a medical professional seeking to refer a case or looking for the best facility for a member of your family. Whatever the reasons you are most welcome to come and see how we do things. Just click on the Contact Us button and email us or give us a call.
How many trees are there?
An awful lot!! It is really important to us that not only do we have a relaxed and calm environment within our facilities but when patients are able to walk around our grounds that they are not bombarded by the noises of today's fast paced environment.
Do you accept male and female patients?
Yes, Rosemary Park, is not single sexed, and our beautiful house will enable each, and every guest to be able to find a quiet corner if that is what they want to do.
How many staff do you have?
There is approximately 150 people who work for St Magnus and Rosemary Park. They range from gardeners to doctors and nurses to directors. Each and every one of us recognise that our first concern must always be to our patients.
Do you have CCTV?
Yes - throughout our facility we have CCTV. This is monitored by unit managers and senior staff each and every day. It is also recording so that should any incidents occur we can see what has caused it.