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Our Facilities

For us Facilities are not just about bricks and mortar. They are about the environment a building is situated in and the people that provide the care. However we believe that Rosemary Park we can tick all three boxes with a big, thick black marker pen.

Situated within over six hectares of the beautiful Black Down National Park we provide the most tranquil, and beautiful surroundings for our patients. Rosemary Park was built around 1850 and was the home for WW1 Fighter Pilots returning from the War with either physical or mental injuries that meant they could not be cared for at home.

Now the heroes are much more closer to home as we look after your family member within this beautiful facility. Our nurse care is, we believe, second to none. Combining the experience of our clinical team with care assistants, who benefit from a first class training programme, to ensure that staff feel important and valued.

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